Monday, December 11, 2006

Blog Update

I'd like to apologize for my absence lately. Took a couple days off around Thanksgiving, only to have my laptop die on me. By the way, anyone with an IBM T30 laptop with an ATI 7200 video card better be aware that there's something defective with the combination of the motherboard and video card. There are several other people who have had problems with the video card zonking out on them, causing the screen to garble and go dyslexic on them. I had purchased my laptop used from a campaign I worked on, thus it was out of warranty. When the video card died in April, I figured paying $700 was worth it since I liked the T30 and only paid like $300 for it in the first place. However, IBM only guarantees their parts for 90 days, so when the same part broke after Thanksgiving, they said I'd had to buy a new motherboard, but this time it would cost about $800 to have it fixed. Needless to say I balked and now have a pretty sweet HP dv2000 which has all the new bells and whistles (Core2, DVD+/-RW, 1 GB RAM, 100 GB HD) and cost less than $1,000 (not including warranty).

Anyway, regular blogging will now resume so keep checking back and if anyone has questions they're looking to have answered (about YouTube, DMCA, copyright, etc.) don't be shy to send me an email and I'll try and shoot out a post in response.
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