Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Summer Update

Fear not, the lack of new posts recently is not a sign that this blog is done with, now that I've graduated from law school, nor that Google's legal problems have magically been solved. The Tur, Viacom, and Premiere League suits against YouTube continue to chug along, but there are also some new ones. There was a new development in the Perfect10 case too. Book Search has added more libraries (all of the Big Ten) to its project, but the Author's Guild's suit persists. Though not a topic here, Google has also been in some hot water over privacy issues. Street View is all the rage, but how long till someone sues over it? Could someone even do that? As you can see, there's lots of developments to discuss, I just haven't gotten to it yet.

The reason is that, having graduated, studying for the bar has been taking up much of my time and has interrupted my blogging rhythm. This will be corrected starting this weekend. Thanks for your patience and I hope to have some good stuff for you soon.
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