Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Captain Copyright a Fraud

I posted on this earlier, but the story keeps getting weirder and more ugly.

From Techdirt:
The amazing adventures of Captain Copyright just keep getting more bizarre. This is the Canadian superhero (or, maybe not, since superheroes may be owned by Marvel) that is supposed to be brainwashing teaching young children about copyrights, mostly from the point of view of the big content companies who are more interested in protecting a business model than actually looking at the real issues related to copyright. It didn't take long, though, for Captain Copyright to come under all sorts of criticism for his ridiculous linking policy to his misuse of copyrighted material to his ridiculous ban on cutting and pasting any content from the site. While the folks behind Captain Copyright haven't publicly said anything while this discussion has gone on, they have been caught repeatedly fiddling with the content that is being made fun of online. Even worse though, is that some are pointing out that there's already a different Captain Copyright and (you guessed it), this new one might be infringing on the rights of the old one (so far, no one has confirmed if the folks behind the Canadian Captain Copyright cleared the rights with the Singaporean Captain Copyright). Wonder how they'll edit that on their site? Of course, they could use this as a chance to teach students how silly it is to overly protect some concepts, and how derivative works can be original in their own right without needing to pay everyone who came before. Somehow, that seems unlikely to happen.
And while search engines sometimes get a bad rap for facilitating infringement, this is an example of search engines ferreting it out.
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