Friday, October 27, 2006

Bush Uses "the Internets" to Reach "the Google"

ROTFL. President Bush uses "the Internets" to reach "the Google." While Google has sent warning letters in trying to police the use of its name to avoid genericide, Bush's use doesn't seem to run afoul of the approved uses of Google's TM since he's still using it as a proper noun rather than a verb.* But it's still funny as a grammatical error. I should try and avoid both the inference that this means he doesn't use Google all that much and thus doesn't seek out answers to questions (or have questions) as often as he should, and the question of whether it's appropriate for the leader of the "free world" to be ignorant regarding the Internet, but it's too irresistible.

* Reproduces an article from The Independent which is now behind a pay wall.
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